Educational application Happy Coloring Book for Android mobile devices is available for free download in the Google Play Store. Most of the characters in the application are drawn simply so it is more accessible for younger children.

Using this game, the child learns the names of colors, letters and numbers, animal species such as birds, insects, and fish, and vehicle types (Image 1). There are 14 categories where you can view a gallery of saved drawings (Image 2).

Image 1. Categories
Image 2. Categories

From a category choose the language you want (Image 3).

Image 3. Language selection

We selected the category Vacation (Image 4.) and clicked on the third picture in the first line, the boat with animals (Image 5).

Image 4. Vacation
Image 5. The boat with animals

For a start, we will paint the picture so that from the top menu, select the fourth icon, a bucket of paint (Image 6), and from the menu below choose the color you want. By touching the part of the drawing we paint. By moving the bottom bar to the left, we can reveal more colors (Image 7).

Image 6. Selecting the icon
Image 7. Choosing colors

Once we painted the picture we can put a sticker on your drawing. Choose the Magic Wand (Image 8) from the top menu, and in the menu below, find the sticker you want. Now touch the screen where you want to put a sticker (Image 9). Double-clicking on a sticker if you want to reduce or increase a sticker.

Image 8. Selection of icons
Image 9. A sticker

Now in the top menu, select an icon that looks like a gift, and from the menu below choose the object you want. What is interesting in this category is that all the objects that we put on our drawing can move and increase by double clicking. If you want to remove an object, just click on it (Image 10).

The last icon in the top menu allows you to put the letters on your drawing. Choose the letter from the menu below. Find a letter you want by moving the bottom menu left or right (Image 11). You can move all animations and stickers around the drawing.

Image 10. Animation
Image 11. Letters

Other icons are used to save the finished drawings, edit drawings, and to delete parts of drawing (Image 12). By clicking on the first icon, you are going back to the beginning where you can choose a new coloring book category.

Image 12. Other icons

From the gallery, each drawing can be shared to social networks.

In addition to discovering and learning new things, the application enables children to express their thoughts and feelings by choosing colors and other elements. More about the analysis of children’s drawing read HERE.