On colored paper, measure, draw and cut out a strip thickness of 1.5 cm (Image 1). The child’s task is to cut each strip into smaller pieces (Image 2). This activity is very easy for a child. In this activity, the child practices opening and closing his hand so he could more easily mastered the scissor cutting skill.

Image 1. Strips
Image 2. Cutting strips into small pieces

We can draw strips on white paper, and the child can paint them before cutting.

When a child overcome the first activity, we gave him the more difficult task. Strips that will give to a child are now wide 4 cm (Image 3), so the child must now cut twice with scissors to cut the entire width of the strip (Image 4).

Image 3. Strips 4 cm wide
Image 4. Cutting strips

Pieces of paper that we get at the end, we can glue to the paper (Image 5).

Image 5. Artwork 

Template for cutting “Strips 1.5 cm wide” is available for download HERE.

Template for cutting “Strips 4 cm wide” is available for download HERE.