The kitchen offers many opportunities for the performance of development activities. The child can participate in the preparation of meals with an adult in a way to wash the foods that will be used in the meal, added a bowl, plate, cup, spoon and the like. In this way, the child learns about individual dishes, learn a difference between fruits and vegetables.

Summing up the ingredients the child learns the basics of maths, for example, tell your child: “In the soup we will put three carrots, one for you, one for mom and one for dad. Pass me three carrots.”. Every time a child gives you a carrot, you can say: “One carrot, two carrots, three carrots. We put three carrots in the soup.”

Cooking is fun!

You can ask your child to sort vegetables by the color. Also, you can make a small kitchen from cardboard boxes.

Ideas for making children’s kitchen from cardboard you can find at Childhood101 and Artsy Momma or by clicking on the images below.

Making a kitchen on Childhood101
Making a kitchen on ArtsyMomma