Here you can find activities related to the development of fine and gross motor skills, and related to the development of graph motor skills.

General or gross motor skills are a concept that involves the movement of the whole body, and their development is important for the further proper development of fine motor skills. The development of gross motor skills starts with crawling, walking and jumping.

Fine motor skills are a set of actions that involve small muscle groups and require good coordination of the activities of specific groups of brain cells. Complete development of fine motor skills of the child is of great importance in overcoming writing skills.

Graphomotor skills are a concept that refers to the ability to hold a pen and write. The development of the graphomotor skills starting around the first year and lasts until child start to go to school. Children with less developed of graphomotor abilities may refuse to do activities which include graph motor exercise. Mastering graphomotor skills, the child can shift the focus from how to write a letter to the content of the sentence.