Memory is a game for the development of memory, and we can do it ourselves. Of thick paper or cardboard cut out 12 equal parts, cards. You can cut it like squares, triangles, circles or flower, as you wish. Now we split the cards into pairs, and on each pair we draw the following shapes: red circle, purple heart, yellow sun, blue square, green stars and orange triangle (Image 1).

You can download My first memory HERE.

Image 1. Shapes

We mix all cards and put them on a table. Now rotate all cards to the table surface so we cannot see pictures on cards. All participants in the game, open two cards, and if they are in different forms, the player sets cards like they were at the beginning. Now it is a turn for the next player to play (Image 2).

Image 2. Different shapes

If two open cards have the same shape on them, the player who found it takes his pair of a card. Now it’s turn for the next player and so until they open all pairs of cards (Image 3).

Image 3. The same shapes on the cards

The winner is the player who has, the more cards in the end (Image 4). Memory games affect the development of the math foundations and teach the child to win and lose (Image 5).

Image 4. Last pairs
Image 5. Memory