Children very like to play a symbolic game with a role as a seller in the local store. In our cheerful store, we can sell some of the child’s toys, empty and clean packing off for eg. milk, cookies, and similar items. Each product has its price, which will be marked in different colors (Image 1).

Image 1. Products

Now we make some banknotes. Every banknote is in one color, for eg. a banknote of 5 kunas will be made on a green collage of paper, banknote of 20 kunas on the red collage of paper, banknote of 50 on blue paper .. (Image 2).

Image 2. A bankonote

Free download The Therapist in the House banknote by clicking on the image below

At first, the child recognizes the value of the product by color, and later by the number on a piece of paper. You can exchange with the child in the role of the buyer and seller in the store. By conducting these activities, you encourage the development of communication and imagination, practicing the maths basics and having fun.

Let’s make a cash register for children.