International certification course the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) organized by the Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists in collaboration with Pyramid Group Management Services Corporation (PGMSC) from the UK (Image 1).

PECS Basic will be maintained in Zagreb on 28 and 29 October 2015, while the PECS Advanced will be maintained in spring 2016.

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an approach that uses images for developing communication skills. PECS is used in communicating with children and adults who have communication difficulties and learning disabilities and shows excellent results in communication with children and adults with autism.

PECS was developed by Andrew S. Bondy and Lori Frost in 1985 as a kind of unique, augmentative / alternative training.

PECS isn’t delaying the development of speech!

Using images in communication is suitable for people of all ages and of varying difficulties of learning and communication, learning how to start a spontaneous communication, and can be used in all situations.

PECS consists of 6 phases:

Phase 1: The first stage includes learning how to initiate communication through the sharing of a single image to the desired object.

Phase 2: Still using only one image, but in the second stage a child learns to begin to communicate with others and express their requirements.

Phase 3: The third stage includes learning how to choose a picture that represents the object of desire. All photos can be found in one place in the book.

Phase 4: In this phase a child learns to structure simple sentences like “I want an apple…”.

Phase 5: Learn how to answer the question “What do you want?”.

Phase 6: In this stage a child learns how to answer questions and to comment on the things around him.

Image 1. PECS 2015

The education is for:

Occupational Therapists
Speech Therapists
Educational Rehabilitators
Social Workers
Social Pedagogues
To all others who work with children, adolescents and adults with communication difficulties

The AND-THEN Game was created by using of augmentative / alternative communication.

PECS includes:

  • PECS manual (author Frost and Bondy + CD with all the tables)
  • Working materials in English and Croatian language
  • Licensed certificate by Pyramid Educational Consultants UK
  • Refreshments during breaks

More information about the training and certification, visit website HURT, and PECS-UK.

Prices of the course and other information of the PECS 2015 find HERE.