Pencil pressure is defined like comfortable grip that allows us to move the hand and fingers to write and draw. Some children may strongly pressed the pencil onto the paper, which leads to the occurrence of pain in the hand and some of them write more slowly than their peers. All of that leads to poor academic performance (Image 1).

Image 1. The result of a strong pencil grip

Activities for learning the proper pencil grip

1. Show your child the difference between a weak and strong pressure. Ask your child to connect fingertips of the thumb and index finger, and ask the child to push as hard as he can and count to 3. Then tell him to relax his fingers and count of 6. Repeat this exercise several times.

2. When a child overcome the first activity, you can move on to the next one. It is the same as the previous one, the child strongly pressed the fingertips of the thumb and index for 3 seconds, but now when he relaxes his fingers let the child gently holding a pen.

Do the exercise with the hand with which a child writes.

3. Offer your child more pencils of various thickness (Image 2) and let the child choose the pen.

Image 2. Various thick pencils

4. For this activity, we need a piece of playdough and pencil (Image 3).

Image 3. Playdough and pencil

At the place where the child holds a pencil put a piece of playdough. If a child properly holds a pencil, playdough will not change shape (Image 4).

Image 4. Shape of playdough after proper pencil pressure

If a child holding a pen too strong, the playdough will change shape (Image 5).

Image 5. Shape of playdough after too strong pencil pressure

5. To decorate birthday cards use glue gel, in this way, the child learns the difference between a strong and weak pressure. If the pressure is strong, a lot of the glue will come out from the tube, and the pressure too weak, the glue won’t come out of the tube. You can write a word, a sentence or draw a shape on paper, and ask a child to make the same line using glue gel.

6. One of the everyday activities for learning pencil pressure is putting toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Activities for learning proper pencil pressure

1. Put a paper on which the child writes down on a soft surface. The child must adjust the pencil pressure to complete the drawing.

2. Let your child writes and draws with a technical pen.

3. On a piece of paper, write with a very weak pressure “TOO LIGHT“, then with very strong pressure “TOO DARK“, and with medium pressure “JUST RIGHT” (Image 6). Let the child to rewrite those words in the same way.

Image 6. Three kinds of pencil pressure

4. Ask your child to write his name with eyes closed. Remind him to write with “JUST RIGHT” pencil pressure just like in above task.

5. Draw 3 squares, ask the child to paint them with wooden crayons, eg. red wooden crayon, but he has to paint one square bright red, the second medium red and the third one dark red (Image 7).

Image 7. Painting with different pencil pressure