One of the first role in symbolic games that a child is playing is taking care for his toys and dolls. It is quite a natural phenomenon if we consider that from the very beginning of the child life, the role of which is present in every child’s life is the role of parents. Mom and Dad take care of their children, bathe him, feed and put him to sleep. It all starts with feeding. A child with her mother preparing fruit salad. At the table sits a child and a doll that a child wants to feed. Now a child gives a piece of fruit to a doll and one piece eats a child. In the end, the child will eat all fruit. In this game, anyone can participate, such as mom, dad, older brother or sister, grandmother, etc. Later, a child can put a doll to bed for a sleep.

By taking care of toys and dolls, a child learns to take care of himself.