The AND-THEN game is a didactic game that is made of cards on which are pictures from the program PictoSelector. It consists of five categories: a person, place, object / animal, weather and forms of transport (Image 1). Each of these categories is necessary to print on different colored paper and cut out each card.

Image 1. Categories

The game is available for download HERE or by clicking on the image of each category.

A person


Object 1

Object 2


Forms of transport

For a start, we can give to a child cards and ask him to describe what is on each card. This game is great for the development of imagination, exploring the world around us, speech development, development of attention, and it’s encouraging communication. The game can be played in different ways and with a different number of players. The AND-THEN game is not a competition game, so there are no winners and losers, all players participate equally, which greatly affects the self-esteem of the child. There is no wrong way to play, or the wrong way to tell a story. The characters and shapes on the cards are in black color, so one image can represent multiple objects, depending on how the child perceived an image (friends or brothers, tram or TV, a wizard or a witch or fairy (Image 2) or to turn around card (hat or a pot (Image 3). There are many combinations and fun is guaranteed.

Image 2. Perception of image
Image 3. A hat or a pot

One way to play this game is to put cards from each category into a box (a plastic cup), and the task is to pull one card out of each color or category (Image 4).

Image 4. Cards

Now we put together all pulled cards and tell the story. The sort order of cards is not important, but if you want, you can specify the exact order of color, and in that way direct the course of the story. When the child tells the story of all pulled cards, ask him the question, “And then..?”. Now the child can continue telling the story as he wants (Image 5). If there are more players, stories are told in order, until one player retell his story, others players are listening and waiting for their turn (Image 6).

Image 5. Composing the stories
Image 6. Storytelling

The AND-THEN game we can play the way we put all cards in one box (empty box of paper tissues), and the child pulls out one by one card and telling a story. If more children playing the game, a box with cards circulating from child to child, each pulls out one card and continue the story. In this way, we can make a long and unpredictable story (Image 7).

Image 7. A long and unpredictable story

Also, a child can only look for cards of which he wants to put together to tell a story, or he can describe an event such as going on the road trip. Separating only those cards that he need to tell the story, encourage the development of selective attention in children.

The game can always supplement with cards that you can make yourself in the program PictoSelector. A child can participate in making new cards (Image 8).

Image 8. The AND-THEN game