By playing on the floor, children strengthen body muscles, develop a body rotation, a midline crossing, and bilateral coordination. If a child is sitting on the floor in W sitting the mobility of body movement are reduced, and thus inhibit normal motor development.

What is W-sitting?

The position in which a child is sitting on the floor with his lower legs and thighs shaped in letter W (Image 1).

Image 1. W-sitting

In this position, child’s hips are in the rotation, which affects the position and the pressure on the knees and ankles.

Why does a child sitting in this position?

The child is usually sitting in the W-sitting position because of to the weakness of body muscles, and this position will weaken them even more, so it is very important to always correct if the child is in this position while he is playing on the floor.

How to correct W-sitting?

The most important thing is prevention, that is, to teach the child how to sit during the play. If a child kneeling and playing on the floor, you should hold a child’s knee and feet close together to avoid W-sitting. Encourage your child to play lying on his stomach (prone position) and side lying, and some activities a child can perform sitting at the table (Image 2).

If the child has already developed the habit of W-sitting, ask your child to “fix his legs” while he is sitting on the floor, ask him to stretch his legs in front of him, and contact your therapist.

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Image 2. Proper body posture