If the child could develop a proper pencil grip, it is important to perform a variety of fun activities that encourage the development of pencil grip as well as activities that strengthen hand’s muscles.

1. We need to ensure as many different materials for writing, such as pens, pencils, crayons, chalk and the like (Image 1). In this way, children learn how to dose the strength of the pencil pressure.

Image 1. Different types of pens

2. Use multiple colors and sizes of paper (Image 2).

Image 2. Different types of paper

3. Let your child draw or write on a vertical surface. This can be a paper on the wall, board and chalk and the like.

4. Let your child write and draw on the magnetic board.

5. Have your child draw the outline of hands or objects such as tape, clips, toys and that like (Image 3).

Image 3. Outlining

6. If a child knows how to write letters, let him write down your shopping list.

7. Play the cross-circle game (Image 4).

ovo je test u kviru
Image 4. Cross and circle game

8. Perform exercises to develop fine motor skills.

Activities to strengthen the small muscles of the hand and fingers:

1. Play finger games.

2. Play with a kid’s tweezers.

3. Play games with coins.

4. Play with playdough.

5. Play with tearing the paper.

6. Play with lego and other blocks for building.

7. Scissor cutting.

8. Stick labels and stickers.

9. Play with a water gun.