Telling fairy tales and stories are one of the oldest, but one of the best methods of encouraging the development of the child. Through fairy tales and stories, children learn the difference between “good” and “bad” (eg. Red Riding Hood is good, take care of her grandmother, while the wolf is bad and evil, wants to hurt Red Riding Hood or Princess is a good and modest, which is evil and greedy…). Also, through the fairy tales, children enrich their vocabulary and getting know the world to the child acceptable way.

Through tales and stories, the children learn about the world around them.

Once you read a child a fairy tale or story, take a few minutes after that, talk with your child about the story you read, tell him what you are most impressed with in the story, and let the child says to you the same thing. The child can draw a favorite part of the story, talk about the drawing, keep in mind that it is a child’s drawing, so do not criticize.

When you choose the fairy tales and stories for children, pay attention to the fact that the story should be positive. In the beginning, let it be stories that are shorter, and those in which it is a clear difference between good and bad while later on you can gradually choose more complicated stories with more characters.

The didactic game without rules to stimulate the imagination of children is the AND-THEN game (Image 1) which is available for download HERE.

Image 1. The AND-THEN game