Discover the natural and cultural beauty of the Croatia with creative and unique products of young Croatian company MegaVisit. Innovative and fun social memory games were created through the project M CROATIA, consisting of a card on which are pictures and the names of the most beautiful places in Croatia (Image 1). Excellent products as a birthday gift or as a souvenir from the Croatia.

Image 1.  Memory Croatia

Natural beauty

„Meet Croatia – Memory Croatia“ is a social game, made of eight cards with national parks on them and of eleven cards with nature parks (Image 2). By playing this game, a child improves concentration and memory and it’s a very interesting and amusing way to meet the Croatian natural beauty. The game is great for all students who learn about national parks and nature parks in Croatia.

Image 2. „Meet Croatia – Memory Croatia“

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Get to know Zagreb

„Meet Zagreb – Memory Zagreb“ consists of nineteen pairs of cards on which are original photographs of unique locations in the city of Zagreb (Image 3). For more information about the products see HERE or by the clicking on the image.

Image 3. „Meet Zagreb – Memory Zagreb“

If you are in one of the locations from the cards, show it to your child. Hang out, have fun, create wonderful memories and learn something new.

Beautiful Dubrovnik

„Meet Dubrovnik – Memory Dubrovnik“ is a social memory game for 2-5 players and it’s a fun and educational way to learn about the beauty of Dubrovnik (Image 4). Meet Dubrovnik through beautiful original photographs of the unique location.

Image 4. „Meet Dubrovnik – Memory Dubrovnik“

What this product does long-lasting and resistant is plastification of the cards in the production process. Dimensions of the product are 8x8cm and make it suited for every pocket, purse or briefcase, and rounded edges of the cards will provide security for the child.

You can find product line Meet Croatia – Memory Croatia around the renowned Croatian souvenir shops, better hotels, and Tisak media centers.

More about unique products of company MegaVisit find HERE or in the Facebook profile and follow the news on Instagram MCroatia.

For portal The Therapists in the House, the founder of MegaVisit, Iva Šimeković responded to several questions. Below, find out what she thought about the offer and the quality of educational toys for children in Croatia and what are her plans for the future.

What caused you to run the project M CROATIA, did you have the support of your surroundings?  

Iva: I was moved by the desire to promote the beauty of the Croatian educational and entertaining content.

Are you, as a mother, satisfied with the offer and the quality of educational toys for children in Croatia?

Iva: As a mother, I’m unhappy and I would say in fear of overcrowding markets with cheap Chinese toys.

As an innovator in Croatia, what would you say to young people who want through their ideas start their own business?

Iva: Young people with today’s fast access to information, I suggest just persistence.

What are the goals and plans for the future of your company?

Iva: My goals and vision of the company intends to my stature in a recognizable Croatian brand.

Thank you for your time, we wish you a successful career and we are happy to wait for the new products.