To create a flower made of paper, we need colored paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, and glue (Image 1.).

Image 1. Materials

First, we draw the line on the paper so that the distance between them is 1.5 cm (Image 2.). If you use white paper, let your child paint the ribbons in various colors.

Image 2. The distance between the lines

Now let your child cut out 10 ribbons (Image 3.).

Image 3. Ten ribbons

By cutting ribbons, a child exercises scissor cutting by a straight line.

Now we glue edges of 7 ribbons (Image 4) and put them together into a flower shape (Image 5).

Image 4. Gluing the edges of ribbons
Image 5. Flower shape

Of one flat ribbon, we make the stem (Image 6), and of two ribbons fold in half, we make leaves (Image 7).

Image 6. The stem
Image 7. Leaves

Now we glue flower, a stem and leaves on one big paper (Image 8.).

Image 8. Flower