The scissor cutting skill requires the use of the thumb, index and middle fingers separated from the other two fingers. The three fingers together participate in the control of holding a pencil. To master the scissor cutting skill, the child must first learn to hold and use scissors, and then learn how to cut out on a line. After that, a child will learn how to cut out complicated shapes. Scissor cutting skill is not fully developed until the age of six.

Scissor cutting activities strengthen the hand muscles.

The right way to hold scissors

Scissors are properly held with the thumb, index, and middle finger. The thumb goes through the one hole, the middle finger goes through the other while the index finger is on the outside of scissors. If the child’s fingers are too small, he can put together index and middle finger into the other hole of scissor. During cutting activities, the wrist must stay straight.

How to choose a good scissors?

When we are choosing a pair of scissors, we must pay attention to the size of scissors (Image 1). Appropriate size scissors are determined by the child’s hand. They must not be oversized to avoid scissors to fell out of a child’s hand, not too small because a child won’t be able to hold them and couldn’t cut with scissors. You need to choose scissors that have a rounded top for the safety of children, and enough sharp scissors that can cut the paper. If a child works with a blunt scissors to curl instead of cut a paper, a child will avoid activities that involve cutting with scissors.

Image 1. Scissors

Left-handed scissors

It is very important to pay attention to the dominant hand of the child. If a child holding scissors in left hand, it would be best to use scissors that are adapted to the left hand (Image 2). Left handed scissors have an upper blade position different, so the child can see cutting line (Image 3).

Image 2. Left-handed scissors
Image 3. Left-handed scissors and Right-handed scissors

On the child’s thumbnail, you can draw a smiley, which, if a child holds scissors right way, is facing to the child.

How to carry a scissors?

To reduce the risk of injury, it is best to use scissors in the activities on the table and do not walk with a pair of scissors in your hand. If the child still has to transfer scissors from one end of the room to the other, to carry the correct way is to close the scissor blades, and that part of the scissors holding in a hand. The hand is extended along the body. Never run with scissors in a hand!