The Tactile Memory game is a game that affects the development of memory and develops the sense of touch of a child. On the cardboard cards of equal size glue various materials, such as wool, denim, rope, sponges and the like. For gluing is best to use a glue gun (Image 1).

Image 1. The Tactile Memory game

The Tactile Memory game is played the same way as “My first memory” (Image 2) except that in this game the child can longer keep open cards to look at them and touch the material on them (Image 3).

Image 2. Preparing for the game
Image 3. Cards

Also, we can use these cards to learn a child different types of materials and their names (Image 4). Put all cards in a bag or a box, let the child pick one card and try to name the material on the card. If the card is with denim on it, we can show the child jeans. In that way, the child learns different materials in our environment.

Image 4. Different materials