My name is Tina.

I’m here to provide parents useful information about growing up and to all others who work with children and want to know more. I will show you the new ideas and methods of preforming everyday activities.

I look forward to our cooperation.

Kristina Crgar, Bacc. Therap. Occup.

I’m a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with years of experience in working with children with disability in performing everyday activities (Special Hospital for children Goljak, Zagreb; The Kindergarten Potocnica, Zagreb). I was a part of the team on the EU project “Small steps to true integration”, which aimed to increase the number of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities into a regular pre-school group in kindergarten. I’m a Certified Marte Meo Practitioner, I completed the course Occupational therapy assessment of the game with specific assessments for infants and toddlers, and participated in workshops Training activities of daily living for children with disabilities and Functional Stimulation. I’m creating and developing didactic materials to work with children. I’m a member of the Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists and a member of Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals.